Social 9

Course Outline

Social Studies 9


To all parents/guardians & students:

            Please read over the following information with your son/daughter to ensure an understanding of our expectations.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the school (467-3800) or visit the schools’ website to contact teachers via email.


I understand that in Social class I am expected to:

  • come to class on time with my textbook, binder, assignments & supplies
  • keep track of assignments, tests, be prepared for exams and be in class on exam days
  • stay on task and complete all assigned work
  • Current Events will be discussed and studied throughout the year, and students are expected to keep informed on events.
  • refrain from distracting other students during class
  • check the e-teacher web site ( for work missed and due dates



  • Report card marks (of learning) in Social are based on tests, written work, projects, presentations, mapping, the unit exam in January and the final exam in June
  • For learning practices include; but are not limited to, textbook questions, small written assignments, mapping, discussions etc.
  • the final exam (PAT) will include material from the entire year


Assessment Policy in EIPS.  With the assessment policy in Elk Island schools, students will be   encouraged to show their learning and understanding in a variety of ways.

  • marks during the year will be determined based on cumulative work
  • student learning may be demonstrated by tests, written work, projects, presentations and other opportunities for learning
  • students may be given an opportunity to show additional learning with alternative assignments
  • formative assessments will be recorded for information purposes, but will not be used in determining a students’ report card mark
  • students will be given every opportunity to hand in assignments and all students will be expected to hand every assignment in; should a student not hand an assignment in, they           will be expected to give up lunch hour(s) or time after school to complete assignment(s)

            *Elk Island Public schools has an assessment policy which allows students (as per            teacher discretion) to re-do or re-write some assessments, in order for the student   to         demonstrate their best learning.  Some assessments, such as midterm or final exams are    exempt from this.* Please see the school website and click on the Guide to Reporting Student Achievement link for more information.







Social Studies 9

Course Description

How do our government and economy work? Grade 9 Social Studies focuses on citizenship, identity and quality of life. Students will examine the relationships between Canada’s political and legislative processes, and they’ll examine the impact of these processes on governance, rights, citizenship and identity. Students will also explore issues of economics and their impact on quality of life, citizenship and identity in Canada and the United States. For more information about Grade 9 Social Studies, refer to the program of studies.


Category Description

Weighting Without Cumulative Assessment

Weighting With Cumulative Assessment


Students demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how Canada’s political processes impact citizenship and identity in an attempt to meet the needs of all Canadians.



Economic Systems

Students demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how economic decision making in Canada and the United States impacts quality of life, citizenship and identity.



Cumulative assessment 20% is the weighting.




Course Supplies Required

  • 1-inch binder, 2 dividers lined paper
  • blue/black pen(s), pencil, eraser



            Students are responsible for the textbook assigned to them during the year.  Should a student damage or lose their textbook, they will be responsible to paying the cost to replace it.  Average replacement costs for Social textbooks is $70.


Students & parents need to recognize that reading (both in & outside of school) is one the best strategies they can do to help themselves be successful in Social Studies.


Course Outline for the Year

            September- January                Governance & Rights

            February-June                         Economic Systems in Canada & the United States