Outdoor Pursuits 8 and 9


Outdoor Pursuits


Welcome Outdoor Pursuits! You have chosen this as one of your options and will be able to experience the great outdoors.

We will be exploring many aspects of the outdoors.  There will be navigational activities, physical and mental preparedness/activities.  You will also have the opportunity to explore parts of Sherwood Park unknown to you. 

We will be spending some of our time on navigation:  Maps, geocaching, GPS and orienteering.  Some of the areas used will include FRH and Bev Facey, SAP, and Ball Island (Nottingham).

We will also be pursuing outdoor leisure activities such as biking, skateboarding, scootering, in-line skating, and nature walking.

Time will be spent in nature playing outdoor games in various terrains.

It is very important that you come to class prepared to participate.  This means that you have appropriate gear for the outdoors.  If you are not dressed in proper attire you won’t be as active or engaged as you might be, if you were dressed properly.

We will also spend some time on making notch sticks (with knives), creating a whistle (safety), and watching several movies specifically geared towards survival.

Like all of our activity classes evaluations are going to be based primarily on how much you put into class. Your attitude towards activities, being on time, leadership, dressed and or prepared, finding ways to help keep the class and the necessary equipment organized, will all count towards your mark. 

I look forward to having a great semester!




Mr. MacKenzie